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What Not to do During Holiday Travel

The holiday season is meant to be a fun and carefree time of year—a time when families can be together and friends can, once again, gather to reminisce about old times and create new memories. However, the holidays can be a bubbling cauldron of stress due to the worries and pains of holiday travel. This year, don’t let the small things stress you out.

Instead, take a look at these tips on what NOT to do throughout your holiday travel, and you are bound to have a happier, more enjoyable holiday experience:

  • Do not plan travel days for the busiest dates of the season.  Inevitably, and especially on the weekends surrounding the holidays, there will be delayed flights and busy roads that can rack up the stress of holiday travel.  While most people attribute their terrible travel planning to work schedules, it is almost a guarantee that avoiding the busy travel days of the season will allow you to travel with little delay and minimal stress.
  • If you are flying, do not get carried away with carry-on.  Typically, it is smart to pack all you can into a carry-on bag and avoid the mess of holiday checked baggage, but even the carry-on method can get hectic if you are not careful. If the carry-on is too cumbersome the airline may require that you check even your carry-on at the gate, which gets you nowhere fast.
  • Do not wait long to book flights and other accommodations.  You can instantly relieve the stress of holiday travel if you book flights and other accommodations early.

Follow these tips on what not to do during holiday travel, and you will be sure to have a more enjoyable time this season. Happy Holidays!