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Top Winter Travel Destinations

As winter approaches, you may find yourself dying for a break from the cold, wind, and snow that the winter season provides.  As you consider your winter time travel, there are many different places that may seem appealing, and what it comes down to is finding the best choice for you.

Your choice in winter destinations will depend on what you are looking for in a vacation spot.  If you are hoping to take advantage of the cold weather for winter sports, you will have a very different destination than if you are hoping to escape the cold of your home town.  As you decide your priorities for your winter travel, consider the following vacation spots.

  1. For winter sports locations, consider checking out the slopes in Park City, Utah, or Aspen, Colorado.  These locations will give you plenty of outside winter activities to do as well as an opportunity to put on your favorite winter sweater and drink a cup of top-notch hot chocolate.
  2. A warmer but economical destination may be the northern coasts of Florida.  Although the north is a bit cooler than southern Florida, you will skip the crowds and still experience temperatures in the 70’s.
  3. Another great option is a repositioning cruise; these cruises allow riders to experience a relatively long vacation with the opportunity to see many great sights! Take advantage of this kind of cruise to have an exciting winter vacation with your family.

Wherever you decide to go for your winter vacation, remember to have fun and enjoy the season!