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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Wine

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The big day is coming up and you have a lot to plan. You are excited about picking out the wedding dress, but if you are like most people, you might leave off choosing a wine until the last minute. Here are a few tips to help you choose which wine will be best for your wedding.

Reception Type
Depending on how large and how long you plan for your reception to be, you may only need a few wines or you may be looking at buying a fair amount.

If you are not planning on providing a full meal to your guests, just some simple appetizers or hors d’oeuvres, you will not need anything more than one red wine, one white wine, and champagne for the toasts.

If your party is larger and you plan on providing a meal in addition to the smaller hors d’oeuvres, you can plan on having one red and one white for the beginning cocktails, an additional red and white wine for the meal, and champagne for toasting.

Test It Out
Try as many flavors as you can, or stick to the flavors that you know you love. Either way, make sure it complements the food you plan on serving to your guests. Recently, the trend has been to choose wines that do not necessarily go well with the food being served. However, try to stick to things that go well together.

Last, but not least, do not forget to offer a sparkling drink option for those that do not, or cannot, drink alcohol.