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Tips for Business Travelers

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For a regular business traveler, your office is basically the airport. You’re almost always on the move and when you’re not, your bags are packed and ready to go. Having an airport for an office isn’t ideal, but here are a few ways to make your life easier and reap some benefits.

Conserve Space in your Suitcase
Knowing what not to pack can be just as important as knowing what to pack. Carrying around heavy suitcases will wear you down, so always try to keep it as light as possible. Don’t pack the amenities you know your hotel will offer, such as shampoo, soap, and a hair dryer. If you can consolidate everything you need into one carry-on bag, you can save time picking it up from baggage claim.

Earn Points on your Credit Cards
Consider the airlines you frequently fly and the hotels you frequently stay in (or want to stay in), and get the appropriate credit cards in order to rack up those frequent flier points. Anything you earn while on the job should be able to benefit you while you’re on vacation, too. The more points you accrue on your cards, the closer you are to earning free flights. In addition, your status with the airline will only continue to get higher, giving you more perks like early boarding. Remember to always be smart about your cards, points, and budgeting.

BYOW: Bring Your Own Wi-fi
Depending on the airport you’re in, you may or may not have free wi-fi. When you’re traveling for business, it’s best not to take any risks. Thankfully, there’s a “travel-size” wi-fi you can carry with you anywhere. It’s called MiFi, and it’s offered by brands like Verizon and AT&T. Use it anywhere you go, in the airport, on the plane, or in your hotel. You can be confident that you’ll always be able to stay connected.

Keep Track of your Business Expenses
The worst part of traveling for business is coming home and sorting through the receipts to ensure that you get reimbursed for everything. It’s a nightmare when you lose a receipt and have to pay out of pocket for a business expense. Never lose another receipt again with the smartphone app Lemon. It allows you to compile pictures of your receipts all in one place and easily create summary reports that are print-ready.

Pack an Empty Water Bottle
If you travel often, you know that traveling makes you thirsty. Airports, however, are the worst place to buy water bottles. In order to save money, it’s best to invest in a water bottle to carry with you on all your trips. Fill it up at a drinking fountain and if you’re worried about keeping it clean, make sure your water bottle has a filter. Most of them cost around $25 and are available online.

If your business travels bring you to the beautiful state of Connecticut, take a load off and relax here at Hotel Zero Degrees.