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The Best Places to See Beautiful Fall Foliage in Connecticut

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Fall is here, and what a beautiful time that is! As the leaves begin changing color and the air becomes crisp and sweet, fall is an amazing time to really look at the world as it begins its metamorphosis into winter.

If you find yourself in Connecticut this autumn, you are especially lucky because there are many amazing places to see the beautiful changes of fall.  Here are a few of the best locations for fall leaves in beautiful Connecticut.

Between mid-October and mid-November, this area of Connecticut is ideal.  The homey views of a beautiful village and stunning waterfall make this area the perfect place to see the changes of fall.  Choose this locale as your next stop to see the intense colors of fall leaves! 

New Milford to Iron Mountain (and Don’t Forget Lake Waramug)
This beautiful drive will give you an hour or more of breath taking fall views.  Take this drive to really experience the feeling of fall, and maybe take a break to step out of your car and breathe in the crisp fall air at Lake Waramug! 

Mystic River
To really get in a great fall experience, you should follow the mystic river and take in the beautiful views this road has to offer.  Drive along the river or take a walk along the banks to truly experience the fall and immerse yourself in the vibrant foliage!

Fall is here, and the season is short, so don’t let it pass you by! Check out the beautiful Connecticut fall on your visit to Hotel Zero Degrees.