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Get to know the wonders of the deep—including freshwater, estuarine, and nearshore depths of our Long Island Sound ecosystem—on a getaway to Hotel Zero Degrees Norwalk. You’ll be just minutes away from one of the most popular attractions in the entire state of Connecticut: the Maritime Aquarium, celebrating its 30th year introducing visitors to the natural world’s complexity (and fragility) in 2018!

The Maritime Aquarium of Norwalk

Across its 30-plus exhibits, the Maritime Aquarium displays more than 1,200 organisms representing nearly 300 species. These include a whole host of critters native to Long Island Sound and its associated habitats: fiddler crab to green sea turtle, bullfrog to harbor seal, striped skunk to moon jelly.

And it also includes both terrestrial and aquatic animals from far, far away, including Japanese sea nettles, meerkats, green moray eels, lionfish, and a super-impressive Asian water monitor (one of the heftiest lizards on the planet).

Get to know these creatures at thoughtfully and thematically designed exhibits, highlights of which include Journey With Jellies (an up-close—yet mercifully sting-free—look at a number of jellyfish species), Ocean Beyond the Sound (a 110,000-gallon oceanic realm featuring such grand beasts as sand tiger and lemon sharks as well as sea bass, black drum, and red drum), and the new Just Add Water, a journey through global biomes.

Regular events at the aquarium—which draws several hundred thousand visitors annually—include public shark feedings and seal-training demos. The Maritime Aquarium also lays claim to the biggest IMAX theater in the state, tickets to which are included in admission to the aquarium but which can also be purchased standalone. The current films include Oceans: Our Blue PlanetPandas, and Backyard Wilderness.

Cruises With the Maritime Aquarium

Another fabulous offering of the Maritime Aquarium are its year-round cruises aboard the research vessel R/V Spirit of the Sound, which takes you out onto our local waters for a look at the Long Island Sound in all its natural glory. On December 15th, 16th, 29th, and 30th, for example, the “Seal-Spotting & Birding Cruise” will pay a visit to the seal haul-out sites around the Norwalk Islands and also offer the opportunity to spot mergansers, buffleheads, long-tailed ducks, and other wintering waterfowl.

Enjoy the Maritime Aquarium on a Hotel Zero Degrees Norwalk Visit

As a guest of ours at Hotel Zero Degrees Norwalk, enjoy our trademark boutique luxury as well as fantastically convenient access to the Maritime Aquarium, one of Connecticut’s top draws and a marvelous chance to delve (and dive) into the fascinating ecology of our local waterways.