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How to Tour New York City Like a Local

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The Empire City, The Big Apple, and The City that Never Sleeps. We’ve all heard these names to describe the infamous New York City, The Big City.  And the concrete jungle is a melting pot of culture, which draws millions every year to experience it.

Tourism at it’s finest.

But how to tour the big city is where many go wrong. If you are looking into skipping the cargo shorts, “I Heart NY” t-shirts, or the fear of calling a taxi, we’ll help you get in touch with how to experience New York City like a local and learn how not to get stuck in the tourist trap.

Pack away the cargo shorts and t-shirts
Now before you decide to go spend hundreds of dollars at Abercrombie & Fitch or stock up on those 4-inch heels or fedoras, let’s consider what you are going to pack for your trip to the N-Y-C.

Don’t pack those trendy clothes, such as Hollister. Almost all New York locals are never seen outside of a Hollister or Aeropostale.

Ladies, those high-heeled pumps that you think are going to have you feel like a local, actually won’t.There is a time and place for everything. If you do happen to bring a pair, think about wearing them during New York’s Fashion week or on a Saturday night going to the club.

Avoid mixing bad patterns, like the classic stripes and chevron pattern.

Now, ladies and gents, one of the biggest mistakes tourists will make when they come to New York City is wearing the classic, “I Heart NY” t-shirt. Now, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t wear it, just not down 5th Avenue.

You should go here, not there.
You’re visiting New York City for the first time. There are a few places every local will tell you to visit.  And what better way to experience them than by riding the subway to get there.

  • Times Square
  • The Statue of Liberty
  • Central Park
  • West Village
  • 42nd Street Theatre
  • IFC Cinema

Tip: Ask your friends who have gone to New York where they went and what their experiences were.

Think like a local
Remember you are in New York City; here are some helpful tips from How Not To Be A Tourist:

  1. Reservations
    If you are going out for dinner, make RESERVATIONS.You’re in New York, so you probably won’t be able to get into any restaurant without any type of reservation.Tip: If your table isn’t ready, head over to the bar instead of standing around frustrated. 
  2. Don’t take that picture
    If you are in Times Square or at the Statue of Liberty, please don’t pull your cell phone out and take a picture of yourself, of others, or buildings. Instead, take a video and upload it to a video journal or another destination on the web. And remember, when you are at dinner and you have a nice plate of food in front of you; DON’T take a picture of it.
  3. Anywhere but there
    Instead of staying at the first hotel you can find availible, think about staying somewhere different and a little classier.  Think about somewhere non-traditional like, Hotel Zero Degrees. Hotels such as this stand out to guests with their location, accommodations and experience.