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How to Plan an Event on a Budget

Whether it is a wedding reception, family reunion, charity fundraiser, or corporate presentation or retreat, planning and paying for a large-scale event can be a difficult task. One of the most difficult aspects to planning a well-organized and successful event is making sure the costs for the event fall within the proposed or set budget.

Because it can be difficult to include all of the niceties and frills of a pleasant event within the constraints of a tight budget, those who are involved in planning such an event may wish to consider the following few suggestions on how to save money on large-scale events:

  • Location, Location, Location.  This old and accurate adage for business can be applied here as well. A person or organization that is planning a large event should consider, and reconsider, their options for the location of the event as this can often be one of the biggest expenses. City parks (if the weather is good), public buildings, and hotels are all great places to start a search for an affordable and elegant location.
  • Garner Volunteers.  Setting up, taking down, and providing for the various services of the event can run up quite the tab if these services are hired out. One should look, instead, for volunteers who would be willing to help out or initiate an inner company promotion to garner the free labor.
  • Save on Invitations.  Formal invitations may be socially required for some large-scale events, but if these are not deemed necessary an individual or organization can save precious bucks by opting for more social ways of inviting, i.e. social media or word of mouth invites.
  • Use Electronics Wherever Possible.  From handouts to guest books, electronic documents and reproductions can be far less costly than printing each informative packet or cutesy favor in hardcopy.

Try these suggestions when planning your next big event and you will be sure to save money and meet your designated budget.