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Hotel near Elephant Trunk Flea Market in Danbury, CT

Elephant Trunk Flea Market, Hotel, Danbury, CT

If you’ve never been to the Elephant Trunk Flea Market—well, you’re in for a treat. And if you have been, and you’ve always wished you could get an earlier jump on treasure-hunting there, we invite you to plush accommodations only about 20 minutes from the affair at Hotel Zero Degrees Danbury!

It’s Elephant Trunk Flea Market Season Again

The Elephant Trunk Flea Market has been a New Milford tradition since 1976, and in reality its reputation, as well as its vendor and customer bases, extend far beyond. Folks from all over New England and the East Coast make the journey to sell their wares here, and shoppers hail from a similarly impressive radius.

The Flea Market typically runs from late March or early April through mid-December, open every Sunday during that period (even holiday weekends). It just kicked off its 2018 season on March 25th, so come stay with us here at Hotel Zero Degrees Danbury and track yourself down a one-of-a-kind must-have (or ten)—and enjoy fabulous food and farm-fresh bounty while you’re at it!

The Diverse Offerings at the Elephant Trunk Flea Market

With hundreds of vendors on hand each Sunday—some who’ve been fixtures for decades, others who are brand-new—and with such a glorious hodgepodge of inventory, there’s really no telling what’ll show up at the Elephant Trunk Flea Market from week to week.

But you can expect a tremendous selection of antiques: vintage hand tools and equipment, musical instruments, coins, jewelry, household implements, artwork, historical memorabilia—you name it!

There’s also a farmer’s market featuring growers and producers from all across the region, plus a great lineup of food trucks selling sandwiches, tacos, wood-fired pizzas, mini-doughnuts, pastries, ice cream, and all sorts of other goodies.

How It Works

Each Sunday during the season, the Elephant Trunk Flea Market gets going predawn. You’ve got multiple options for entry: “Super-Early Buyers” who want first dibs on that week’s selections can purchase a $40 ticket to gain access at 4:45 AM, while “Early Buyers” can enter an hour later for $20. “Regular Buyers,” meanwhile—not quite so impassioned, perhaps, or simply not such morning people—can enter beginning at 7 AM for $2. The market winds down at 3:30 PM, and beginning at 2 PM entry is free. (Kids under 10 get in free, meanwhile.)

Whether you’re gunning to be there before the crack of dawn or you’re just going to trundle over whenever, you’ll have quick, easy access from our sophisticated guest room at Hotel Zero Degrees Danbury nearby. You never know what you’ll find at the Elephant Trunk Flea Market—that’s part of the adventure!