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Fairfield County, CT Meeting & Event Trends in 2019

Here at Hotel Zero Degrees, we pride ourselves on providing some of the best-appointed and most versatile event spaces in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Whether a meeting, a corporate retreat, or a private party, turn to us—and our exceptional catering partners, Z Hospitality Group—for the perfect venue.

With a New Year upon us, we thought we’d take the opportunity to survey some of the meeting and event trends experts have identified for 2019. In today’s blogpost, we’ll be tapping a couple of sources: Event Manager Blog’s (EventMB) “Top 100 Trends for 2019” and a roundup by Barbara Scofidio over at Prevue magazine. We encourage you to check out both, but in the meantime, we’ll pull out a few highlights from each!

Incorporating Wellness Into Your Event

Both EventMB and Prevue emphasize how more and more event organizers are incorporating wellness into the itinerary: mindfulness breaks, mental-health sessions, creativity stations, and more.

Harnessing Group Tech

EventMB points out that today’s technology offers myriad new possibilities for involving remote attendees in your happenings. From virtual reality to live YouTube commentaries, consider ramping up the interactivity and immersion of your event for online participants.

Looking to Augmented Reality

Speaking of tech, Scofidio’s Prevue article suggests augmented reality is rapidly becoming a go-to tool for event managers: facial recognition software, hologram interactions, and a whole brave-new-world’s worth more.

Savvily Structuring Meeting Flow

A well-structured layout and schedule can hugely boost the efficiency and productivity of your meeting or conference. Encourage networking, for example, by setting up “different table lengths and sizes to create an intimate space and also seat your attendees comfortably,” EventMB suggests, and consider adding roundtable discussions to the proceedings.

Unleash Your Creativity in the Theme Department

The concept of structuring an event around a theme has moved well beyond the realm of parties to include meetings and conferences, as EventMB notes. Use your creativity and consider how a thoughtfully chosen theme might inform some productive activities.

Look to Festivals for Inspiration

In Prevue, Scofidio writes about the increasing “festivalization” of business events: looking to music, arts, and culture festivals for inspiration for everything from décor to the vibe of breakout activities. Such an approach, she says, involves “more focus on co-curation of sessions, social media activity, and innovative workshops, visuals, and venue design.”

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