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Connecticut Travel

So you are out of ideas on where to travel this year? Search no more! Connecticut is here and has been here for longer than scientists would like to guess. If you are convinced that Connecticut just isn’t right for you then take a second look. Here are some things that may just steal your … Continued

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How to Have a Successful Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

If you are getting married soon, you are probably getting stressed out from all of the planning. You never know how much goes into a wedding until you are actually planning your own. One of the most overlooked parts of wedding planning is the rehearsal dinner. You may not feel like having a rehearsal dinner, … Continued

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Hotel Design Trends Through the Years

Hotels and motels and inns have been around just about as long as humanity has been organized into civilizations and cities. Nearly every small town and every large city across the world has a hotel or its equivalent within its structure, and the reasons are not hard to understand. Places of lodging offer individuals the … Continued

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What is a Boutique Hotel?

Ever heard of a boutique hotel before? They’ve been around since the 1980’s and offer more unique settings than you’ll find at a standard hotel. A boutique hotel is often a luxury facility placed in a unique or intimate setting. They offer full service accommodations, like many of the hotels you stay in, but are … Continued

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There’s Something About Stamford

People generally like wherever they come from. The appeals of familiarity enhance feelings of comfort and nostalgia whenever they travel home or whenever the pass by something that reminds them of home. But there is something about Stamford, CT, that evokes those same feelings of being home in the thousands of travelers that pass through … Continued

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