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Are We There Yet? How to Keep the Kids Happy While Traveling

How exciting, your next vacation is about to start, and it is sure to be a good time… or is it? If your children are upset, complaining, or yelling while you travel, your trip will not be as enjoyable as it should be.

But you aren’t doomed to a terrible vacation. With a few simple tips, you can make your next trip the best yet for you and your kids.

Get Them Involved: Before You Take Off
Everyone likes to know what’s going on, and this goes double for your children on a trip. This means that your children should be active participants in the planning of your next vacation.

If you give your children the opportunity to plan certain aspects of your vacation, they will be more informed, and therefor have a better trip overall! 

Bring Lots of Things to Do
This tip is tied in closely with the one before.  If you really want to have happy children throughout your trip, you should bring plenty of things to keep them occupied, and they should have a choice in what makes the cut.

Here are a few great trip activities you shouldn’t go without:

  • Coloring. Everyone loves to color, and the car is a great space for it.  Bring plenty of paper to color on, a variety of crayons, and some great stickers to keep them occupied.
  • Picture Books. Reading in the car can really help the time move quickly, so pack a few favorites, and stop at the library to throw some new reading into the mix, and you’ll have it made!
  • Electronics.  You certainly don’t want your children staring at a screen for the entire trip, but having electronics on hand will help break up the monotony and make the trip more fun for everyone.

Make them Wait
This may seem counter intuitive, especially coming after the first tip, but make your children wait a little bit before you start pulling out the activities.  This ensures that you will have enough activities to last the entire trip while also making your children more excited about the things you’ve packed before they get started. 

Pack the Snacks
A few delicious snacks can make anyone happier, so be sure to pack plenty for your next trip.  A good balance of sweet, savory, and healthy should keep you and your children happy throughout their time on the road or in the air. 

Develop an Awesome Playlist
Any road trip requires great tunes, so make sure to come prepared with a playlist your whole family will love.  Go for a mix of hits your children dig, family favorites, and songs you love personally.

This will create a kind of soundtrack for your trip and make the whole thing more interesting.

You deserve to have a good time on your next trip, and these tips can help! As you look into hotel options, check out Hotel Zero Degrees for an awesome stay you and your kids will love!

Photo by: Bryan